Whispering Knoll
A charitable level II assisted living center providing care to elderly and disabled residents

Take a picture tour of the Gardens at Whispering Knoll

The Gardens at Whispering Knoll is next door to the original Whispering Knoll Assisted Living facility. The living areas of the two facilities are virtually identical. The Gardens is equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen from in which meals for both facilities are prepared.

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  • JOE5731-30001
    The kitchen center in a Gardens studio apartment.
  • JOE5731-50002
    The dining area just off the kitchen in a Gardens studio apartment.
  • JOE5741-80003
    View of the dining area from the sleeping area of a Gardens studio apartment
  • JOE5769-40004
    The sleeping area of a Gardens studio apartment. A large closet is to the left, out of the picture.
  • JOE5799-20005
    The sleeping area and dining area.
  • JOE5877-40006
    One of the lounge areas overlooking the Gardens courtyard.
  • JOE5898-30007
    A closer view of the lounge area.
  • JOE5917-20008
    The lounge area doorway to the courtyard and gazebo.
  • JOE6112-40009
    View of a Gardens one-bedroom apartment bedroom.
  • JOE6144-60010
    Another view of the Gardens one-bedroom apartment bedroom.
  • JOE6158-40011
    The Gardens one-bedroom apartment living area
  • JOE61670012
    Another view of the one-bedroom apartment living area.
  • JOE6186-50013
    Looking at the Gardens great room at the entrance to the facility. It is like a large and comfortable living room.
  • JOE6196-30014
    Another view of the great room.
  • JOE6234-4
    The Gardens dining room looking east to west.
  • JOE6245-4
    The Gardens dining room looking west to east.
  • JOE6263
    The Gardens "Bistro," a small coffee shop and gathering place.
  • JOE6289-8
    The special family dining room adjacent to the east end of the Gardens dining room.



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