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Respite care is our prescription
for home caregiver relief

caregivere and elderly woman
Short term respite care for your
loved one at Davis Life Care
Center gives you a chance to
catch your breath.

When caring for an elderly loved one becomes stressful or you simply need a break from the responsibilities of watching over your loved one, Davis Life Care Center has the solution: Respite care for your loved one in one of our senior living facilities.

In our respite care program, your loved one is admitted to one of our senior care facilities for a few days, up to two weeks, while you catch your breath, go on a vacation, catch up on chores, take care of your own health care needs, appointments, school meetings, or dozens of other reasons you may need some personal time.

Your loved one gets:

  • A private or semi-private room with individual half-bathroom
  • Observation and help with daily living skills as needed
  • Medication management
  • Planned activities and social events
  • Three nutritious meals a day, served in our dining room or in your loved one’s room, plus snacks
  • Special diets as ordered by your loved one’s doctor
  • A caring staff of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants
  • Opportunity to meet and relate with new friends
  • Optional therapy services available in our first class rehabilitation facility.

You get:

 A chance to regroup, recoup, and recharge. Behavioral specialists tell us that occasional breaks from your caregiver routine are healthy for you, your family, and your loved one. This is particularly true if you are a “sandwich” caregiver: Where you are providing care for an elderly loved one and children in your household.

How to get started:

You may initiate a period of respite care by contacting our admissions coordinator at 870-850-2900 where you can the information you need to get a period of respite care underway.

Admission to one of our senior care facilities is by doctor’s orders only. This is normally not a problem since most doctors recognize the benefits of respite care. You will need to request admission to Davis Life Care Center from your loved one’s doctor for the period of respite care you need.

African American man and granddaughter
Give us a call and start on your
respite care relief plans.

Once we receive your doctor’s approval, our staff will help you with details. Our staff will visit your and loved one, do an assessment, and fill out a simple form. This is to make certain that our care capabilities match your loved ones care needs. When that information is satisfactorily completed, we can schedule your loved one’s respite care stay.

When you bring your loved one to Davis Life Care Center bring:

  • Day clothing
  • Night clothing
  • Prescription medications. Medications must be in original containers. Our staff will not administer medications if not in their original containers. There are no exceptions to this rule. Give us a call.

Costs for respite are $120.00 per day for a semi-private room and $140.00 per day for a private room. Give us a call.

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