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History of Davis Life Care Center

Davis Life Care Center in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, is a family of five charitable organizations providing thoughtful care and excellent accommodations for southeast Arkansans' aging and disabled family members. The care giving organizations are Davis East, Davis West, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities; and Garden Pointe Assisted Living, The Gardens at Whispering Knoll Assisted Living, and Whispering Knoll Assisted Living.

Davis Life Care Center began in 1910 as Davis Hospital at West 12th Avenue and Cherry Street in Pine Bluff. Davis remained as the community hospital until the early sixties when the governing board of the hospital planned and built Jefferson Hospital on West 40th Avenue. The Davis Hospital building then became a nursing facility. The nursing facility was owned by Jefferson County, as was Jefferson Hospital, and leased to Jefferson Hospital Association, who managed both operations.

In the eighties, the hospital board started planning for a new nursing campus on South Hazel Street. As a result of that planning, in 1992, the new Davis Life Care Center was opened at our current location, 6810 South Hazel Street, with a 117 bed license.

In 1996, a new wing was completed at Davis Life Care Center. At the same time the Jefferson County Convalescent Home on West 7th Avenue was closed and its skilled-nursing license for 60 beds was transferred to Davis Life Care Center. All of the residents of the Jefferson County Convalescent Home and most of the staff transferred to Davis Life Care Center.

Also in the mid-nineties, two additional care facilities were built on South Hazel Street across from Davis Life Care Center: Pathfinder Nursing and Rehabilitation and Pathfinder Residential Care. Eventually, both of these facilities approached the management of Davis Life Care Center asking for management help.

In September of 2001, the Jefferson Regional Medical Center board decided that Davis Life Care Center should operate under a separate corporation, Davis Nursing Association. Davis Life Care Center became a separate, non-profit corporation no longer connected to Jefferson Hospital Association.

In 2002, management of the neighboring Pathfinder facilities approached the management of Davis Life Care Center and asked for management help. Davis Life Care Center took over management of the two Pathfinder facilities in 2003 and bought them outright in 2005. What was formerly Pathfinder Nursing became Davis East. The skilled nursing facility formerly known as Davis Life Care Center became Davis West. The entire campus of three facilities became Davis Life Care Center.

In 2004, Davis Life Care Center management applied to the Arkansas Department of Human services to upgrade Garden Pointe Residential Care to a Level II assisted living facility. That license was granted in 2005 after the purchase. The facility is now known as Garden Pointe Assisted Living.

In 2004, Davis management began construction of a 40-bed assisted living facility, one of the first in Arkansas, on the Davis Life Care Center campus at 6812 South Hazel Street. This facility, Whispering Knoll Assisted Living, was built with funds obtained through federal tax credits.

In late 2007, Davis bought Pine Bluff Nursing Home at 3801 Main Street in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Fifty-six residents from Pine Bluff Nursing home moved to Davis East and Davis West. The Pine Bluff Nursing Home is a 120-bed licensed facility. It is closed due to prohibitive renovation costs.

The Gardens at Whispering Knoll, a second 40-bed assisted living facility virtually identical and adjacent to Whispering Knoll, was completed in late 2010 and opened in April of 2011.

Davis Nursing Association began as a 177 bed facility in September of 2001, with 135 employees and has now grown to five facilities with a licensed capacity exceeding 400 beds. We provide employment to 360 people. Our mission is to serve the people of Jefferson County and surrounding areas with residential skilled nursing services, assisted living, rehabilitation — and residential skilled nursing services for veterans at Davis East only.

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